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1 I can`t play after I updated my billing info: Featured

After updating your billing details simply SIGN OUT and then SIGN IN to GameTanium PC App so it can refresh with the new info.

2 What happens after the trial period is over?

After the 7 day trial period, your subscription will mature into a paid subscription ($9.83/month) and you will be billed monthly until you cancel your subscription.

3 Why should I pay for a subscription when I can play web games for free?

The total number of available web games is small in comparison to the number of high production value, full version downloadables. As a paying subscriber, you are able to enjoy over 1,900 games of every genre for all ages, with new games added almost every…

4 Will deleting the PC app and software cancel my subscription?

No, removing the PC app or the games you have downloaded will not cancel your subscription. If you wish to cancel your subscription, you will have to contact customer support by clicking the "Chat now with Support" button located at the top of the website.…

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