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1. How do I contact GameTanium Customer Support? 2. What is GameTanium and how does it work? 3. Which handsets are certified to run the GameTanium app? 4. How do I download a game? 5. How can I find the new games that were added to the service? 6. Do you…

2 Can I download and play when I don't have a data connection?

Temporary loss of connectivity should have minor or no impact on your experience. If you have an extended connectivity loss (e.g. while in airplane mode), you will still be able to play previously downloaded games, but will be unable to download additional…

3 Can I play while my phone is charging?

Yes, however if you are charging your phone by connecting it to your computer and experience difficulties, check that your phone's USB connection is not set to "USB Mass Storage". To verify and change this setting, just drag the top Status Bar down and select…

4 Can I use my GameTanium subscription on more than one device?

You bet. As a GameTanium subscriber, you are granted a license to use GameTanium on up to 3 personally-owned phones. You will be asked to associate your phone with your account during the set-up process. If you have sold/lost your phone or replaced it for…

5 Do the games downloaded from my 3G/4G network work when I'm on Wi-Fi?

If you are connected to Wi-Fi, the games will automatically download via Wi-Fi as well. If you are not connected to Wi-Fi or have disabled the feature, then the games will download via 3G/4G and, as usual, data rates may apply depending on your data plan.…

6 Do you have multiplayer games?

Some games have multiplayer features. We typically note these features on the game details page within the GameTanium app.

7 How can I find the new games that were added to the service?

Look for them under the What's New category after you click on the bottom section of the app's main menu ('+' symbol) .

8 How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, please contact customer support. A GameTanium Customer Support Representative will then get in touch with you to follow up and process your cancellation request.

9 How do I contact GameTanium Support?

For all inquiries or feedback on the app, please contact GameTanium Customer Support. If you are currently browsing from your mobile phone please click the Contact link at the top of the page to send us an email. --- You can also send a text to (202) 738-5076…

10 How do I delete a game?

You can delete a downloaded game from within the GameTanium app (recommended method) or by uninstalling the game from the Settings menu of your phone (Settings > Applications > Manage Applications). To remove a game from within the GameTanium app, click…

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