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1 About the FreeRide Games Player

FreeRide Games is the only 100% free service that provides hundreds of premium, full version, casual PC games. We cover a wide variety of game genres such as Hidden Object, Match Three and Time Management. We also carry the most popular titles such as the…

2 Are the games downloaded each time I attempt to play them?

Every game is downloaded to your computer only once. Once the game has been downloaded onto your computer you will be able to play this game any time you would like without having to redownload it (unless you remove the game, of course).

3 Can I play the FreeRide Games without the ads?

Yes you can! Simply click the "Play Ad-Free" button located near the top of our website or from within the FreeRide Games Player! Once you sign up you will get access to the great games for a low monthly subscription cost. Play Ad-Free located on the Website:…

4 Does Free Ride Games offer online games?

Yes! The FreeRide Games offers great online, web games. To visit our web games catalog please click here.

5 Does FreeRide Games have any patents protecting its products?

We actually have multiple patents that protect our proprietary format of encoding and providing full version games via download (no need for CD, and the ability to play before the FULL game download even finishes). Features and functionality of Exent’s…

6 How can I subscribe to the FreeRide Games Newsletter?

To subscribe to the FreeRide Games Newsletter please click here and fill out the subscription form.

7 How come FreeRide Games is 100% FREE?

Our advertising-based business model means that our revenue is generated entirely from advertising. So essentially, it's our sponsors who make it possible for you to download and play full-version games for FREE and for as long and often as you like.

8 How do I unsubscribe from the FreeRide Games Newsletter?

If you wish to unsubscribe to the Newsletter simply click the "Unsubscribe" link located at the bottom of the Newsletter and you will be automatically removed from the distribution list. You can always sign back up for the newsletter by clicking here and…

9 How to contact us

Here at FreeRide Games we strive for the best customer service. You can contact our dedicated customer service experts via these methods: By "Snail mail" - 222 5th Ave., 5th floor, New York, Yew York 10001 By Fax - 1-917-591-6384 By Phone - (866) 328-8555…

10 Play great games and train your brain at the same time!

There's proof! Playing casual games is beneficial to our health! Check out a cool article regarding how beneficial casual games can be beneficial to your health and mental acuity by clicking here!

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