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1 How can I verify that I have the latest version of the FreeRide Games Player installed?

Whenever we release a new update to the FreeRide Games Player you are notified and asked to update your existing version of the Games Player (typically this happens whenever you attempt to download and play a game). In order to ensure that you have the latest…

2 How do I get the latest version of the FreeRide Games Player?

Please click here to download and install the latest version of the FreeRide Games Player.

3 How do I start playing?

Follow these simple directions to get started using the FreeRide Games service: Go to and find a game you would like to play Click Download Free Click the Continue button that appears on the next pop up. Choose to RUN the Game Software…

4 How do I use the FreeRide Games Player?

When you download a game from FreeRide Games for the first time, our TRUSTe certified installer, FreeRide Games Player(aka, the EXETender Player) is downloaded along with it. This is a one time download and installation, which means you won't have to download…

5 I can't install games on my computer. Do you have online games?

Yes! We offer great online, web-based games. Please click here to view our web-games catalog.

6 Is the FreeRide Games service safe?

The FreeRide Games Player and the games themselves are 100% safe to download and play. We guarantee that our service is virus and spyware free. All downloads from FreeRide Games use our TRUSTe certified installer, the EXEtender Player. TRUSTe partners with…

7 Is there a limit to the amount of time I can spend playing FreeRide Games?

No. Play as many games as you like, any time for FREE!

8 Why can't I install the FreeRide Games Player?

If you experience issues installing the FreeRide Games Player it may be caused by the ActiveX Controls being blocked from running and installing. You will need to allow ActiveX to run on your machine to successfully install the FreeRide Games Player. Follow…

9 Why does the game start downloading when I hit the play button in the web site?

Because we offer full version games you must first download the game onto your PC. Once the game has been downloaded once, you will not need to download it again to continue playing it (unless you remove the game from your PC, of course).

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