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11 How do I download a game?

Follow these directions to download and install a game: 1. Find a game you would like to play. One way is to tap the Browse button at the top of the app. For this example we're going to select the Editor's Picks category: 3. Select a game: 4. Tap the Download…

12 How do I know the status of a game that has been selected to download?

Once you have selected a game for download, a progress bar will appear on the game's detail page or in the My Games section. (To access the My Games section tap the My Games tab top of the GameTanium app). While you may select as many games as you'd like…

13 If I uninstall the GameTanium app, will previously downloaded games also be removed?

Removing the GameTanium app does not remove downloaded games from your tablet. However, you will not be able to play any of these games without the GameTanium app installed and a valid subscription unless you have time remaining on your free trial. Please…

14 Is my personal information secure?

The GameTanium app will never have access to or save your personal billing details, as that information is available only to your wireless provider.

15 What is GameTanium and how does it work?

GameTanium is the world's only unlimited premium Android games subscription service. There are no ads or time limits. New games are added all the time. It is an amazing value compared to buying apps one at a time. You can download and play as many games as…

16 What should I do if a game does not run properly?

1. If you get a "license error", verify that your data connection is strong and not intermittent. 2. Contact GameTanium Customer Support (See FAQs #1 for reference) with a description of your problem, and we will be happy to assist you.

17 Where are downloaded games saved on my tablet?

The games are saved to your tablet's memory like any other app. Games are typically saved to the SD card; however, in some cases, games may save to your internal tablet memory.

18 Which tablets are certified to run the GameTanium app?

While the service and games may work on other devices without issue, we have tested and certified the ones below. We are constantly testing and certifying new devices. Xyboard 10" Xyboard 8" Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Motorola Zoom New…

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